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Virtual Fundraising WORKS!

"I have so much gratitude to Allied Productions for all you do to help make our events a success. We were disappointed to have to go virtual with our fundraising this year. Running at an extremely reduced budget and the reduced staff was weighing heavy on our organization. We appreciate your flexibility, kindness, and partnership helping us navigate through it all. Our donations this year ended up being more than three times what they were last year!" - B.G.

Virtual fundraising in today’s world can be a bit overwhelming. “How do we get people involved?” and “will it work?” are the two biggest questions our clients have. 2020 has challenged us to think outside the box. The value of an online event is more important than ever - you only have one chance to make a 1st virtual impression!  Looking to elevate your event beyond a Zoom call? We utilize lighting, 3D elements, and backdrops to set your online program apart; no two are alike! Custom event invites, marketing materials, and content creation tie everything together.


Check out the case study below; if you can relate to any of these questions, let us know. With over 25 years of experience in the live event industry, we are able to make this transition seamless for our clients and would love to help you and your event!

What was your organization's biggest concern when deciding to switch to an online event? "Our biggest concerns were budget and if people would respond and engage in an online event."

What was your team's greatest challenge this year and how did you overcome that?  "We had to execute an event during a time where we had very little people and fiscal resources. It was absolutely necessary to still have some sort of event because philanthropic dollars were critical for our organization. We identified what we would need the most help with and sought out partnership to make it doable."

What was the best part of your event? "Being able to showcase our space for the program. Having a video take place in our space with nobody in it provided a visual narrative that also was emotionally compelling."

Any advice for people trying to figure out what’s next when deciding to host an online event? “Find ways to make it your own and stay true to your cause or mission!”

How was your experience dealing with the team at Allied Productions & Sales?  "Absolutely wonderful. So professional, friendly, and collaborative even from the first meeting where we were feeling we were in over our heads.”

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