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Our Journey to Bring L-Acoustics to Allied Productions

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

This major investment process began in late 2021 and culminated in November of 2022 when our owners, Chad Pechacek and Dan Pearson, traveled to France to meet with senior leadership at L’Acoustics. This trip was the final stage in the process of joining the K1 system partner network. This is a selective process, as it is a long-term partnership going well beyond a customer-vendor relationship. In the early stage of this process, it is important for both sides to come to an understanding of various aspects such as what the intended market is for this equipment and how we will utilize it to ensure market stability for existing partners.

During their time in France, they were able to visit the manufacturing facility, where the equipment makes its last stop for final assembly and QC before getting transported to the field. Additionally, they met with the home office team and connected with the Director of US sales, US based applications specialists, and the US based rep team, building a direct support group. After the manufacturing tour they participated in some critical listening exercises and a look at some exctting new products. They were then able to talk through the K1 equipment package making Allied Productions the 16thcompany in the US to acquire and join the K1 system partner network, yet another step in the expanding partnership.

At Allied Productions we strive to always carry the best equipment for your event, and we feel strongly about L’Acoustics as a top tier manufacturer of audio technologies. When you invest in the best technology, you get the best results.

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